Domotica Panel



For most people  domotica is an unknown term. Domotica consist of two words: Domus and tica. Domus is latin for house and tica comes from the words robotica, informatica.
So the meaning of domotica is basically: home(business)- automation.
Via domotica all electronic devices and installations can be controlled and work together through 1 central system which make the possibilities of its use endless and brings a lot of benefits.
Domotica’s goal is to increase the comfort, the flexibility, communication, safety and saving energy.


Domotica can be applied  to the following:


      • Lighting and home appliances;
  • Climate control;
  • Security systems, like video security
  • Entertainment systems, like audio, video and home cinema all through the house;
  • Communication systems: telephone, intercoms and internet;
  • Data systems: multiple PCs  on a computer network and associated equipment.

Domotica can make all the equipment react to each other.
For example: You put on a movie on you dvd-player, the lights dim automatically, the surround sound system turns of the normal sound system and the phone switches to voicemail.
This is but one of the many possibilities that domotica can provide for you and the way everything reacts to certain actions can be programmed just the way you want it.

Domotica makes use of a bus system. The bus system is connected to switching devices which can be programmed via a Ethernet connection. The domotica system consists of individual connected parts which makes it easy to make adjustments to the system.  What first was a switch for the hallway light can be changed into a switch for the light in the closet. Where first you need to break apart half the house to change make that change can now be done by our programmers with just a few click of the mouse. This saves you a lot of effort time and money to make changes.

Domotica is build to last, whether big or small change have been made to your house. If your house has been completely reorganized you can simply adept the technical infrastructure by reprogramming.

Herdi can make your automated house dreams come true. We have a wealth of experience in installing and programming domotica within homes or companies.