Internal transport


In addition to our range of palletising systems we supply pallet roller tracks which, due to their smple but robust construction, require minimal maintenance. The roller tracks are custom made and can be integrated into any new or existing handling system.


The construction

Most components for the steel frame are cut to size using the latest laser cutting
technology, which means that the rollers are precisely aligned. The driving mechanism
consists of a powerful motor connected to a worm-drive reductor. The motor is fitted with a break to stop a full pallet from rolling on.

Where required we also supply turn-tables of various sizes to rotate the pallets through 90°. This solution increase substantially the range of set-up options.


Control system

The controls are generally integrated into the control cabinet of the palletiser, however a seperate control unit or motor switch is available.

Tracks availible in a wide range of sizes

Producing our pallet roller tracks to order means that the choice of size is almost
infinite. A track width of 1200 mm us sufficient for transporting Euro pallets, but we offer a variety of solutions should you use other sizes of pallets.