The Palletiser

Practical stacking power for every company

Herdi's palletiser makes excellent use of your costly floor space. A Compact construction ensure the machine can be placed almost everywhere. Thanks to a clever design it is possible to feed empty pallets from 3 different directions. De bag in feed can be done from 2 different directions.
We also offer the possibility to order conveyor belts and bag pusher with the palletiser for the infeed of bags to the machine and a palletdispenser which automatically supplies the palletiser with empty pallets via a palletroller lane.
Another available addition to the palletiser is a wrapper that is build into the ring of the machine to save space and time.


Operational sequence

  • The bags are fed into the machine via a optional (sewing)conveyor belt.
  • A bag pusher pushes the bag over onto the in feed rollerlane.
  • Special shaped rollers smooth out the bags.
  • An elevator lifts the bags to a level at which they can be picked up by a product- friendly gripper.
  • An overhead trolley mounted griper positions itself at the appropriate point above the pallet and releases the bag.
  • The bag is released through a chute onto the correct position on the pallet.
  • As a standard feature, the chute is adjustable to suit the following pallet sizes: 1.6 X 1.2 m, 1.2 X 1 m and 1.2 X 0.8 m.



Besides agricultural products like potatoes, unions or sprouts the machine is also able to handle non-agricultural products like sand, quartz, cattle feed or potting soil. In short the machine is able to stack nearly anything within 10 to 50 kg bags. Different packaging materials are also no problem for the palletiser, whether the bags are sewn or filled with a valve t make a difference. The palletiser has a great deal of extra accessories available to choose from.