Pallet dispenser

Simple and easy

Herdi's pallet dispenser system is well known for it's easy and simple use and it's compact form which allows for a great deal of placement option within the work space. The pallet dispenser is mounted over the (optional) palletrollerlane and supplies the palletiser with empty pallets. Up to 15 empty pallets can be placed within the dispenser, afterwards they will be fed into the palletiser one by one when the palletiser requests an empty pallet.

Operational sequence

  • 15 empty pallets are placed in the dispenser, afterwards the forks will go into the 2nd last pallet.
  • The system then lifts the stack of pallets by means of a lift motor.
  • Now the last pallet is free and can be transported to the palletiser via a palletroller lane or chain lane.

Control system

Herdi's pallet dispenser is fitted with a PLC and starts supplying the palletiser with empty pallets while it is active. With the manual controls it is easy to control when the pallet dispenser needs to be resupplied with empty pallets.

There are a number of different ways the pallet dispenser can be integrated in to the machine line. The pallet can be transport to the palletiser through the left, right, or back of the dispenser. There is also the option to use a dismount plate system. The control box is fitted, depending on the layout, on the side of the machine or on an position determent by the client.