Pallet dispenser Videos

On this page you wil find videos of our pallet dispencing systems that we have availible.


Wis VPR Loader

Wis VPR Unloader



Wis VPR Loader (Pallet Loader)

This is a special pallet dispensing system which was designed specifically to load and unload a full pallet from and to a roller lane. The loader as well as the unloader is able to lift 1000 KG.

A pallet is placed within the loader after which a button is pressed to give the signal that a pallet is present.
The machine will now pick up the pallet and go to it's standby position until it gets a request for a a pallet by the system.
When the request is received the machine will move the pallet to the lane and put it down and will return to it's start position..

Just below are videos of the machine!


Wis VPR Lader






Wis VPR Unloader (Pallet Unloader)


The Wis VPR Unloader is another version of the loader, this machine is meant to unload full pallets from a roller lane and put it on the ground so it can be taken away.
The unloader as well as the loader is able to lift 1000KG.

The system detects if there is a pallet present on the roller lane, when it detects a pallet it will lift the pallet from the lane and move to the unload position.
After the pallet has been put down the machine will move to the starting position and wait till another pallet s detected again. When a pallet is detected and there is still a pallet on the ground, the machine will lift up the pallet and wait till the other pallet as been removed.


Videos coming soon!